"cutting edge" - the high performance cutting components

Hardfaced crop flow channel


BusaDUR®–wear protection coatings - the long service life of wear parts is a requirement that has become considerably important over the years ... » more

Shear bar HDG-550


Busatis quality shear bars HDG-550 with the new hardfacing material 550 ... » more

Forage harvester knives


Busatis quality forage harvester knives for self-propelled forage harvesters are strong and wear-resistant ... » more

Shear bars


Busatis quality shear bars for self-propelled forage harvesters according to the specifications of our customers ... » more

Knives for row-independent corn headers


Busatis quality knives for row-independent corn headers allow a maximum knife life ... » more

Knives for balers, self-loading and feed mixer wagons


Busatis quality knives for balers, self-loading and feed mixer wagons are used by machine manufacturers all over the world ... » more

Sickle sections


Busatis quality sickel sections for combine harvester, mowers and other agriculture machines are characterised by high hardness in the cutting area ... » more

Zone-hardened knife back


Busatis quality knife back with patented zone hardening for quality knife assemblies provide considerably less wear  ...
» more

Patented segmented knife assembly system


Busatis quality segmented knife assembly systems with screw fittings make the maintenance very simple. Spare parts fit in each passenger car ... » more

Straw chopper knives


Busatis quality straw chopper knives for combine harvester allows a high cutting performance ... » more

Tillage parts


Busatis quality parts for tillage machines offer a high breaking strength ... » more

Wood machining parts for sawmills


Busatis quality debarker or chipper knives have a razor-sharp cutting edge, saving of costs and time ... » more

Cement industry parts


Busatis quality grate protection plate for clinker cooler are well known for their long service life ... » more

Construction machine parts


Busatis quality bushings with BusaDUR®-wear-resistant coating increase the service life ... » more